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July 29, 2005


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Joseph j7uy5

Several things need to happen for us to get universal health care. Big pharmaceutical companies have to diversify, such that they make more generics; this would enable them to make at least some money in a regulated formulary system. This is already happening, to some extent.

The myth, that a free market always finds the most efficient solution, must be dispelled. Also, the myth that our health care system is a free market needs to be dispelled. These things are not happening, despite an abundance of contrary evidence.

Big Medicine, as exemplified by the AMA, has to get completely fed up with insurance companies. This is starting to happen. I predict it will happen faster once the Medicare drug coverage plan goes into effect

Big industry, as you already pointed out, is getting on board.

Doctors trained in the 80's and 90's will have to replace those of greater vintage in positions of influence. This, obviously, is inevitable.

I actually think it is likely that we will see universal coverage in the next few decades.

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