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June 15, 2006


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Jason Grossman

Very interesting!

Two not massively helpful comments:

1. I have a very left-wing friend who was friends with Quine, so evidently Quine had no trouble being friends with left-wing people.

2. I wouldn't say that Russell exactly made fun of Meinong. He certainly did misrepresent Meinong, but I think that was only when he mentioned him in passing. When he discussed Meinong more carefully, he was very respectful and careful and I think he got his views right (although I'm one of those people who's never read Meinong in the original; but I have read a whole bunch of secondary literature). Unfortunatly, it was Russell's passing comments about Meinong, the incorrect ones, which became famous. See e.g. Nicholas Griffin ``Russell's `horrible travesty' of Meinong'', Russell: The Journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives; 1978: 25-28: 39-51

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