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August 15, 2006


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The publication thing should be a non-issue. (1) One can always contniue publishing under the original name, (2) unless you are a major figure, the lack of continuity really won't matter, and (3) if you do become a major fifure, it will be a cool fact that only the in-crowd knows when discussing your "early" work. My wife kept her name (but I call her sweetie), I kept mine, and we hyphenated for the kids (shorty and squirty, respectively). The worries about names strike me as remnants of nominalism -- I am called my name, but I am not my name.

Jason Grossman

My wife and I considered doing what the Sylvans did. The problem is that if you have the same name, people will tend to assume that the woman has changed her name to the man's. That makes you look unfeminist, just the opposite of what the Sylvans wanted.

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