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May 20, 2007


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Thanks a lot for the plug, and for taking a look at the manuscript! I really appreciate it.

I'll have to think about
(a) your general point about the little argument at the end of the last chapter being a bit too short (knee jerk reaction: probably a very fair point) and
(b) the more specific comment about Carnap and Neurath rejecting metaphysics on pragmatic grounds. My initial reaction to (b) is: Carnap distinguishes the semantics and the pragmatic, thinks 'meaning' is fundamentally a semantic concept, and thus 'meaninglessness', which is the essential mark of the metaphysical for the logical empiricists, is fundamentally a semantic and not a pragmatic matter. But as a response one could make on Carnap's behalf, independent of his actual historical views, your point strikes me as well worth exploring.

Thanks again,

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