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April 20, 2009


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Andy McKenzie

You may find this recent J. Neuro article interesting:

Here's the main part (IMO) of the conclusion:

"Regional GM is a composite measure of different microunits, such as neuronal bodies, axons, dendrites, synapses, glia cells, and others. Given that MRI signal strength is somewhat related to cellular characteristics, it is tempting to immediately relate the larger female GM volumes to specific cognitive functions (i.e., in which women show better performance). For example, if a larger regional GM volume reflects more numerous neurons, such tissue enlargements might be advantageous by facilitating an efficient processing of ingoing and outgoing information, which might be beneficial for cognitive performances. In support of this assumption, histological data has shown regionally increased female neuronal densities in the posterior temporal cortex and greater dendritic values in Wernicke's area... one could speculate that the observed larger GM volumes in females are associated with women's superior language skills."

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