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August 01, 2006


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I think everyone agrees to what you have just stated. What 2 (or more) people do in their bedroom is their business. PERIOD.

The problem is the following. Taking what you have just stated and drawing conclusions about how our society should be structured, how our laws should be written, our taxes spent, what rights certain couples get and don't get, and on and on. Therein lies the discussions and dissagreements.

I think they are all wrong. You can't use human sexuality as a basis for any kind of logical arguement, because sexuality isn't logical. Why people attempt to make logic out of sex is beyond my intellect. I do it (sex and discussion) becuase it feels good and bad (I like them both, does that make me bisexual)?

People find it hard to argue their point from an upfront and honest position. Because if you take this approach it's not very persuasive. Now if you tie your emotions and your faith to your future and their silly point, you can manipulate people into doing all kinds of things. That's why this type of discussion/disagreement exists. So the few can manipulate the majority. The funny thing is, the majority are stupid enough to listen. Or, once again this topic is also over my head.

For example: Here's is how this type of discussion should proceed.
Manipulator A:
I've had a relationship with an older gentleman for 20+ years, when will laws be passed so that our relationship, our feelings, our pride, bla, bla, bla, is protected? After all I've invested a lot of time in this relationship. The result is at worst "I've wasted a lot of time" but nothing will come of this relationship one way or the other because children aren't involved. So my relationship with this older gentlemen is not a concern for the society as a whole and therefore doesn't matter. Poor me, I feel so un-validated and under-valued.
Real Person B:
You'll get over it.

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