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November 10, 2007


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Jim Farmelant

One thing to keep in mind is to consider the differences in responses by the US to Iraq, which the US had alleged to have WMDs under Saddam Hussein, versus the US response to North Korea which in fact did develop nuclear weapons. Iraq, the country which was alleged to have WMDs, but in fact didn't, was invaded by the US in 2003 and Saddam was overthrown. North Korea, on the other hand was never invaded. Eventually a settlement was negotiated in which the North Koreans eventually agreed to dismantle their nuclear weapons program in exchange for various guarantees from the US including promises not to topple their regime plus promises of economic assistance.

The take home lesson here seems obvious. If you are a small country concerned with maintaining a modicum of sovereignty in a world dominated by one big superpower, the way to go is rush and develop your own nuclear weapons, thereby allowing you to negotiate with the world's superpower from a position of relative strength.

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